Company Profile

Computer Overseas Corporation is an Export Trading and Management Company which exports products from the U.S. to international locations.  We provide marketing, sales and technical support of U.S. computer related products to customers around the world. In most cases, our products are sold through a network of distributors and agents, to provide local support and service.  Our experience in the export business allows many U.S. companies to use our resources to provide a service they could not otherwise offer.

Our expertise is in industrial and commercial board level products and embedded computer systems. Our goal is to provide a wide range of products to give our customers "one stop" shopping for most of their requirements.

We specialize in products for:

Within our range of products we offer:

  • CPUs
  • I/O (Serial, Parallel, Analog, Digital)
  • High Speed Memory
  • Industrial Interfaces
  • Communications and Networking Controllers
  • Backplanes and Enclosures
  • Bus Analyzers

We can also provide networking equipment with interfaces to GPIB, Ethernet, ARCNET, and Fibre Channel:

  • Transceivers
  • Bridges
  • Hubs
  • Routers
  • Switches

See our Product Information pages for more details on what we offer.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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